With the season drawing to a close soon, there are a couple of important dates coming up:

Awards Night – Saturday 29th April – further details will be advertised shortly, but it’s a fun night and a chance for all members of the senior section to celebrate the season.

AGM – Saturday 13th May – the committee has decided to hold the AGM on a Saturday this year with a social BBQ thereafter (and possibly some Eurovision partying too). Again, full details will follow, but please put it in your diary. Members must attend this in order for the club to continue to operate as it is a necessary meeting constiutionally.

Social events are a chance for the club to come together and enjoy each other’s company. Match teas are also part of the club culture. It is important that players meet prior to games and stay afterwards – this is what hockey clubs are all about (it’s not just on the pitch where the fun happens). Please contribute to the club atmosphere by being part of it and not just turning up for your game and leaving straight after.

With the AGM comes the opportunity for a change in committee roles. So I wanted to make you aware of opportunities that will be coming up at the end of this season for members to get involved in running the club. SWHC has a constitutional clause that limits the length of time anyone can hold a particular committee position (3 years). This means that everyone can get involved without feeling like they are committing to the role forever.

Amongst the key roles that are up for new holders this year will be Secretary and Treasurer. Both are critical to keeping the club running (relatively) smoothly, but also offer the holder the chance to influence the direction of the club and key decisions on it. In the case of these two roles we would like to stagger the change in future so would be looking for one of the new holders to do fewer than 3 years (probably 2 as it takes a year to get into the role).

The Secretary is the main contact for club communications, handles the info@ mailbox and organises committee meetings. The Treasurer manages the bank accounts, ensures membership fees are paid adn handles invoices. If you think that you might have the skills necessary to take on one of these roles please let me know and we can have a chat about what is involved in more detail. If you would like to just have a chat about how your skills might be helpful to your club in other ways then please also let me know.

The committee is keen to have as smooth a succession as possible and a full handover will be given to whoever takes on any of the committee roles.

Stirling Wanderers is keen to build a culture of volunteering in the club so that all members are involved in running the club; spreading the load and also giving everyone the chance to have their say and contribute. There are numberous opportunities – you might collect the match fees, help organise a summer tournament, captain a team, recruit new members or help with juniors…the opportunities are endless so there is very much something for everyone or any age. Remember this is YOUR club!

I look forward to seeing you all in the clubhouse soon as the season closes and the fun continues!


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