2 February 2017


Everything went very well over the autumn. Lots of volunteers helping with attendance, fee collection and step in assistant coaching. We have 4 DoE assistants. Two of these are also on the Foundation Scotland grant.

Attendance at Jr sessions:

  • Primary-58, secondary-38

Current paid up to my knowledge:

  • Primary- 38 paid £60.00, 6 unpaid/returned Q’s, 3 newly joined expected to pay in Jan 2017.
  • Secondary- 45 paid £60.00, 3 unpaid,1 paid £90 plays for mens,.


I have prepared a flyer to promote the spring sessions and attract some new jr members.  Currently our attendance is approaching what we ended with in April 2016.  I expect that we will exceed last year’s total new enrolment after our February intake. (Note data from 2013-14 is from a list Carol supplied, 81 is the number of paid members)


No festivals have been played since the Dec 6th report.

Secondary 11v11 games scheduled over Jan and Feb have been cancelled due to lack of opponents and the pitch lights being inoperable.


Plans are in place to have age group teams in U12, U14,U16,U18 Scottish National Festivals in June.


Nominations for girls and boys U14 teams will be submitted in time for the trials in April.

I expect that we will have 10-15 players attend the trials.





Of the 8 high school students registered in the program, one has dropped out and three are under age to attend the coaching coarse in Feb/Mar.  We will have 4 students attending the course.  Four of the students have completed their PVG screening.  Active Stirling has yet to provide the Safeguarding and first aid training.  I have been pushing for this for 4 months and will continue until it is completed.  Schools and clubs involved are: 2 McLaren, 2 Dunblane, 1 Alva, 2 SWHC


The high school league is going well.   The schools have some-what co-opted the program and made it their own.  Fiona Ross is doing a good job of managing the program, but is inconsistent in providing attendance numbers.  I have chased this information up myself through contact with the school coaches.

Fiona accepted pay of 2 hours a week for the work she did over spring 2016, but has declined to accept any more.  Her reasoning is unclear to me. I have reduced my invoices for the DCI by two hours a month over the autumn as she has been taking some of this work and therefore I have had less tasks to do myself.

Two high school festivals have been run since the 6th Dec report


The two parent coaches whom the club last year have agreed to coach , one each, on Wednesday and Thursday for the spring sessions.  They have also agreed to coach the age group teams for the Scottish National Festivals

DoE We have 3 students doing their bronze level of volunteering, and 1 doing his silver by helping out on the Wednesday evening.  They are a great help and progressing as assistant coaches.

We have two parents on a regular basis who are knowledgeable hockey player/coaches who have been helping out on Wednesday evenings.

While we have been doing OK on the Wednesday evenings, the coaching team is not meant to replace the coaching that all adult players from the club are supposed to do.  We still need these adults to show up and help as we seem to be gaining jr members on a monthly basis, and I expect another influx in Feb similar to last year.


I am putting together the camps for summer 2017.  I have planned two weeks, one primary and one secondary.  I would like to distribute them this week to our current membership and next week via Active Stirling using the tri fold flyer.  Active Stirling have said they will accept our facility booking now, but this has not yet been done.


Ball Draw Sept – Dec funds: raised £67.88

Festival Draw funds raised £63.00

Balfron Wolves- have disbanded.  They have donated to us £1500.00 from excess funds they had with the codicil that it be spent toward Jr hockey development.  A letter of thank you has been sent from me through the Jr mailbox.  I think a letter from the executive would be appropriate.

The Club Sport Funding  I have purchased 4 face masks against this funding source at a cost of £????

and 90 balls at a cost of ??? (As soon as I find the receipts I will submit to Ray)

This method of my fronting money for club equipment cannot continue, I recommend that a debit/credit card be made available for these purchases.


The Club Sport Funding grant for coaching has been submitted.

Sport Scotland grant to partially cover the coaching in the Hockey Leadership program is in progress.

CFSL Payroll Lottery has been submitted in Clacks by Helen Finch. The grant requested funds for some jr playing nets, flat markers, and balls.


I have begun recruiting to replace myself in these two positions.  I have had discussions with Donna McLeod in regards to the DCI position as she is a PE teacher, has her Level one and has coached hockey at a reasonable level.  She knows that taking over this position would be dependent on Executive committee ratification.

I have begun recruiting to replace myself as Jr Convener with some of the parents that have been very active volunteers the last two years.

As yet no one has absolutely agreed, discussions are still on going

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