6 November at 22:01 ·
(Setting the scene) It was a beautiful November morning the sun was out and there was a crispness in the air. Twas 4 minutes till meeting time and Chris Hemm the fine master was smiling like a priest in an orphanage as half the team were late. He needed those fines to fund his Christmas night out. After a rousing reception the boys entered the field to prepare for war. During the warm up @Djion jinxed the boys by saying “looks like it won’t rain today”. Then funny enough it was like Elsa herself decided to take a piss all over the boys while laughing.
Then it was time for the game of the year against the mighty, best named team in the league ALLOA (from Edinburgh). It was a solid start the passes were pure the chat was decent, the defence was strong and the middle were making the right passes. The forwards were slightly less than adequate but rest assured Dave Oatley was there to save the day. With @Djion making the runs up the wing supported by @Harps in the middle they were providing the runs and passes for the forwards. Stirling had all the chances but could not finish them off (Lewis,Robbie Dempster , Tom Clafferty an Giles)
After a deeply emotional and heartfelt team talk from @Douglas and Paul the boys were straight back into the game. @Robbie and @Tom pressed the attack straight away stealing the ball from Alloa and with some excellent play Rosie placed the ball in the back in the net. He started as a mortal and became a conquering hero dragging his team up from the depths of despair. However Mum (douglas) & Dad (oliver) decided to have a domestic at the back of the park with Douglas accusing Oliver of not being able to push hard enough no matter how hard duggy calls for it. The strikers still unable to put the ball into the back of the net eventually found the feet of a disheartened Alloa.
Then up stepped the tantalising three. Chris pushed a pass straight to @Oliver he stopped it perfectly and from there our top goal scorer took the game to 2 -0 with one of his patented drag flicks that look like they move in slow motion. Alloa almost had a short corner goal but it was disallowed. The next and final goal came from Rosie made possible by a sumptuous through ball from Giles. Always a modest man he kept the second goal simple with a reverse stick volley from an impossible angle that beat the keeper at his near post, to secure a 3 – 0 win for Stirling.
Written by Lewis blaney
Editor Oliver Lowrie
The author would like to thank Chris for the support and inspiration. With out him the world would never have had the pleasure of knowing what happened on a cold November weekend in Scotland

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