“Stirling 2s faced up against Watsonian colts – a team which we drew with in the first game of the season knowing a win would see them clear of the relegation zone. Stirling started on the back foot in a firey midfield battle however then began to take control of the match. The first goal came half way through the 1st half when Al Santi intercepted a poor pass. Santi ran at the defence and rounded the onrushing keeper, then was fouled as he tried finish and score. However Thomas Hanson was in the right place to knock the ball in and score his first league goal!!! It was Al Santi again at the heart of the second goal, again running at the defence after a poor back pass, however this time had time to pick a perfect defence splitting pass to the on rushing Cameron Blaney who was put in 1 on a 1 with the keeper and made no mistaken sliding the ball past the keeper to put the blues 2-0 at half time. It was going well until Cameron blaney went from hero to villan after seeing green for a “high elbow” however he was getting a good as he got, then saw yellow for 10 for descent. Joost followed seconds after for a similar foul and breaking down play. During that 10 mins it would be Stirlings down fall, conceding 2 scrappy goals. Setting up a tense finish… credible mentions go to Euan Finch Alan Roughead Michael Wragg who were all fantastic in defence. Garth Eklund was also solid at left back filling in for Ian Brett. Sam Mcshane played very well and played a key role in the final 5 mins, another Stirling counter attack saw McShane running down the right at pace skinning on rushing defenders, before playing a beautiful pass to Cameron Blaney who again made no mistake from close range in an almost identical goal to his 1st turning him self back into a hero in the dying minutes his 3rd of the season, 2second of the match putting Stirling 3-2 to the good. Watsonians came strong in the dying 2 minutes (which felt like 10) seeing Stirling play a 5-4-0 formation after Blaney again saw yellow. We shall call him Cameron “Clintons” Blaney from now as he has more cards than Clintons!!! Final whistle signaled the end of a game that should have finished 3/4/5-0 to Stirling however 3 points in the bag and up the table they go! We send you all the best Christmas and New Year! See you for the season finale in 2017!! The 2s X”

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