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Hockey Training Season 

This season Juniors training starts at the end of August and we are moving to a series of training Blocks. Ideally we will run 4 Blocks across the season and players are welcome to sign up to attend as many as they like - each Block will run independently and will be priced accordingly.

The proposed Blocks will run:

Block 1 -30th August - 4th October (start of the October school holidays) - £25 bookings open on Spond
Block 2 - Mid October - End of November

Block 3 - Post February break - Easter school holidays

Block 4 - Post Easter school holidays - end of May

Primary Juniors - P1-P7 and Secondary Juniors - S1-S2

Currently the Forthbank Hockey pitch is out of action - we hope to be back after the October Holidays. 


At the moment we can have access the 7:00-8:00pm let on a Wednesday at Stirling University (FK9 4AL).  We appreciate this is not ideal for our younger Juniors, however, we are keen to offer some training before the October holidays. All players are welcome to sign up for Block 1 via Spond and we aim to return to an earlier training time at Forthbank after the holidays.


Club Communication and Sign Up- Spond App

To participate with the club this season we are fully  moving onto the Spond App platform  - this will be used for everything from registrations to events to Subs and Block payments.

Please click this link to join -


Once you have been approved you will be allocated to the correct Group and all relevant information can be found there.


Parents can inform coaches if their child can't make training, ask questions, let us know of availability for tournaments etc. If training needs to be cancelled due to bad weather, then you will receive a notification on Spond. 

Membership Registration and Fees

There is an annual club membership fee of £5 due to register your child with the club (This will be incorporated into the first Block payment you make. 

For Juniors each Block of training will then be available on a first come basis.

See Spond for all details.


Tournaments and Friendlies

Once players have a certain level of experience, they can participate in the Midlands Tournaments which are held twice a month throughout the training season. These tournaments take place in Dundee, Perth and St Andrews for players aged U10, U12 and U14 years old. Transport is not provided by the club so parents can either car share or make their own way there. The club loans out a Hockey shirt for the day and these must be returned after the tournament. Players must be registered, and membership fees paid before they can participate in Midlands Tournaments. We have other hockey clubs that we organise friendly tournaments with, mostly notably the Trossachs Tigers, and these are suitable for players of all ages and level of experience. 

Activity Camps

We aim to hold Camps during the Summer and October Holidays. The dates, the cost, how to book and how to pay are posted on our social media pages and will be available on the Spond App so please keep an eye out for updates. Camp usually starts at 8.30am and finishes at 4.30pm. There is a weekly rate and a daily rate which parents can choose to fit their schedules, and days can be chosen anytime over the two weeks.

New To Hockey

If your child has never played hockey before, they need a mouthguard and shinpads before they can attend training. These can be bought in most sports shops or on Amazon. Mouthguards need to be molded to your child's mouth by popping them in hot water and then biting them until they fit around the teeth. The fit doesn't have to be perfect, it will still provide protection.


Hockey sticks are provided by the club. We have a range of donated hockey sticks that will hopefully fit all ages of children. We have a couple of small ones, 28 inches for 5 year olds up to 36 inches for older kids. If you would like to buy a hockey stick, you should measure from the ground up to the child's belly button. That height in inches is the length of stick to buy. You can buy the next size up if you want. Hockey sticks prices start from about £20 on Amazon. 

Thanks for submitting!
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